I'm with you Kaep but...

Colin Kaepernick had his NFL "tryout" Saturday, but why though?

Now before Black Twitter get in my ass, this is not a Stephen A. Smith rant. This is just some slight confusion that I'm hoping someone can explain to me. 

Why do y'all keep Jay-Z get away with some bullsh#t? My bad... Hov does so much good, we kinda let the questionable stuff slide. As black people we do that wayyyyy too often for my liking, but we'll save that for another day.

Now, the real question. Kaep... Brother... Why the f#ck do you still wan't to play for the NFL? You too Eric Reid, but we not gonna go there either today. This whole situation is looking kinda crazy. You know they don't want you. Is it for the money or is it for the love of the game? If it is just for the love of football, why not play in the CFL, the now defunct AFL, or the new XFL, and prove you still got it in real, live football? More importantly, why not compete against the league that did you so dirty? I mean I ain't no dummy, nothing is touching the NFL in popularity but you know how big it would be if Kaep announced on WWE that he was going to the XFL? Bro! I'm sure Nike would be happy.

This don't make no sense to me just like Monique suing Netflix. Why do you wan't to work for people who don't wan't you? The same negroes supporting this nonsense are the same negroes hating on Lavar Ball (more on him coming soon too) and Big Baller Brand for at least trying to go against the grain. How will we ever get ahead when we insist on doing business with the people that are holding us back? At some point, instead of relying on them to help us, we have to at least try and help ourselves. I'd be asking Vince McMahon for a small ownership stake in exchange for my services.

In this situation, I blame both sides. In my personal opinion, both sides had an agenda. Neither side had any intention on this actually working out. I'm about to keep it all the way G real and piss off some black folk but, I don't think Kaep can be a successful QB in the NFL anymore. Now, I do think he is better than a lot of Quarterbacks on NFL rosters right now, he may even be almost as good as a starter or two but, I just feel it's been too long. 

Seriously though, I boycotted a couple years to Stand with Kaep, recently tried to start watching again, and honestly it's boring to me. I can't even sit through an NFL game anymore. I barely can get through the highlights. The infinite commercials, TV breaks, stoppages, reviews, the penalties, I really don't get it. College football is wayyyyy more interesting and exciting to me.

This whole situation is crazy. If they really wanted this workout to actually workout (barz!) they would have planned better. More importantly they would have both sat down and came to an agreement for this very special situation. It just reeks of one side trying to get over on the other side. I'm not even mad, I'm just not wasting my time caring anymore.

Now, I'm not gonna just sh#t on the actual workout video even though it looked like a toddler was recording it on a boost mobile camera. I'm just here to say, I don't get it man. More importantly, I ain't falling for this sh#t again. Look, I support Kaep in all his off the field movements but I could care less about him playing in the NFL again until I see that number 7 on that damn field running like a damn gazelle, looking like a beast, like he used to. Until then, I love you Kaep but...

I don't care anymore!!!


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