Plant-based fat boy!

8 months meat and dairy free!

Wassup y'all Mr. Lonely is back! 

(Warning: If you ain't ready to read some hood @ss, grammatically incorrect, booshie ghetto nonsense, LEAVE NOW!)

In case you're new, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Mr. FxckYoSoft@ssFeelings. 

A little about me. I have a fairly high IQ but I completely wasted it. I'm a college dropout. I have a loving wife and four adorable kids. Some of them are bad as sh!t but I still love them. I have a pretty decent job, very few friends, and a few untreated mental issues. I'm a huge sci-fi nerd insomniac, that loves investing in the stock market, talking to myself, and helping those who are willing to listen. Most of my blood relatives are dead or estranged. I am extremely antisocial, and in public I'm usually faking it to get by. I will tell you more about that crap later but most of you are here because I'm fat!

So yes, I have removed all animals from my diet completely! In August 2017 I decided to quit meat cold turkey, ZING! I made a few attempts to "diet" in the past but always reverted back to bacon. Last year, thanks to a few close friends that happened to be vegan, I was able to give up all the animal products. 

To get some answers to the most common questions out the way, after a week or so, it was as difficult you would expect for someone my size. I still eat wayyyyy to much junk and not enough fruits and veggies, and yes I have lost weight, but not as much as you'd think because I still don't eat great, and rarely exercise.

I avoid most of the difficulties by eating at home or at fully vegan restaurants. I think it was easier because it was more of a lifestyle change slash F the establishment decision than a diet. My wife and kids do eat some of the things I eat but for the most part she has to make me a separate meals for dinner. That sucks balls at times because it would be easier to just grab that slice of pizza or hotdog but it's nothing I can't handle. 

One difficulty is that my wife isn't committed to a similar lifestyle so she isn't really interested in trying new things or improving the flavors because she doesn't really have to eat it. So after she had a few recipes down, those are basically the same things I've been eating for a few months now. I really can't complain because I ain't the one cooking and I'm just happy to have someone there to cook for me.

Now Lost! Why da fuq did yo big @ss just decide no meat out the blue? Yes muh fugga What The Health did have a slight effect on my decision, but you know what it really was bruh? 


You know who you are ninja! You Triple Western Six Dollar Bacon Cheeseburger with a chili cheese fries and a X-Large High-C Ecto Cooler on the side mofos that go on Facebook and cry when someone smacks the sh!t outta Fido! You people that will cry about Fufi getting kicked after biting some baby's head off but when Stephon gets shot 20+ times holding an iphone its, "Maybe you negros should stop committing those crimes." You know the "It's not the Hyena/Pitbull, it's the owner" old battle-axe. 

How y'all care about animals more than people? Why is yo ugly @ss dog more important than the other hundred you have no problem eating? Why can't I go to the local shelter and pick out a St. Bernard to eat? But, I felt that instead of keyboard hustling about it. I should actually do something about it.

Plus I love doing all the crap people say I can't do. I have a bad habit of challenging myself to do things just to prove to myself I can commit. This is one of those things.

Anyways, couple years ago I spent some time in the hospital courtesy of an emergency surgery to repair some life long stomach issues. Thanks to multiple complications, I was not able to eat for a couple months. Since then my taste for much of anything has diminished. That makes this transition much easier. The only real craving I've had in 8 months was pizza hut. 

So while I was in the hospital. I'd literally watch food network all day and night lol. Talk about torture right? Funny thing. It kept me going. I literally wanted to die 99% if the time but the other 1% was thinking, "I can't wait to eat that shxt!" Thanks Guy!

After I got the go ahead to eat. I pigged the fuq out for 8 months straight. If you know my blog, you know I eatz the junk! Through all that time I was searching for something great, but like music nowadays, most of it was good, but nothing was great. On the other hand I was at my heaviest, I could barely get out of bed, tie my shoes, play with my kids. I felt horrible bro. I felt disgusting. So one day, BOOM, no more meat.

In the beginning I tried to eat at my usual places and hold the meat, pause, but that got trash real quick. Try ordering a meal but hold the chicken, at Chick fil a or El Pollo Loco. I was through when i had to go to 3 Mcdonalds just to get the muffin from the Egg McMuffin. Finally I said fuddddduck this shxt. I'm only going to vegan or vegan friendly places from now on like Loving Hut, or Veggie Grill, or something. Life got easier real quick. At first I was that typical Vegan Noob that gets that extra raw organic crap at Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes but look bruh, Stater Bros got gardein 2 for $5 bro. And them genetic bananas are bigger, sweeter, and last much longer mange! 

Don't get it twisted though bro, I still eats, burgers, fries, tacos, chips, and fuq salad, but it's just made out of plant protein. I still get my sugar rush from sour patch kids, skittles, starburst and twizzlers and crap. I never really needed chocolate in my diet because I'm already chocolate enough with my sexy ass! I still barely exercise. I definitely need to do better but I'm proud. I'm feel the best I've felt in years!

The Peta website, GrubHub, Happy Cow, Urban Tastebud, and Yelp are my favorite places when I need help finding something Vegan to eat!

Yo it's like 1:30 am right now and I gotta get up in 4 hours but I'm glad to be back y'all! 

Normally I do some editing before I post but straight up, all these is living blogs anyways lol. I stay fixing mistakes! Ain't nobody about to read this tonight so I'm gonna just post it right now.

I promise I'll be back soon with some new topics for y'all!

P.S. It's Saturday now and what da fuq! I musta been high as Fuq! Nah Ion smoke but I was sleepy than a muh fugga but I fixed all the errors! Sorry y'all!

Peace out!!!!


(By the way! I don't own most of dem d@mn pictures up there bro! I borrowed um, y'all go so thanks to the owners ya heard!)

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