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Wassup Errbody!!!!! 

I'm sorry yall! I been mad busy so I haven't been giving yall the readable cocaine lately! I got a new job in July and been busy as a Muh Fugga bro. Then I kinda swore off social media (mainly Fakebook and Instahoes), but I know its part of the bidness so I'm bizzzzakkk. 

First off! Even though I don't be here like I used to, I am on (Black) Twitter daily. So if yo nosey @ss tryna be in my business is the only place honestly. Plus my follower level is trash soooooo... hook a brotha up.


I been on my anti-establishment ish lately so I ain't been on the NFL at all, I cancelled my cable (except the premiums lol), and I'm the first Vegan ninja on the block. Ion trust what these fools puttin in that meat bro. 

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But yo hit me on twitter with topics yall want me to bang on and I got yall. And I'm married and my phone is unlocked Sis so chill on the DMs. I know i'm Cahyute. Ginuwine Curve!

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Nah I'm kiddin! My DM dry too... Anyways yo I'm out! Keep it Gangsta!


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