No Bill Maher! You do not have an N word pass!

Let's get right to it!

This just happened:

No white person has/ will ever have a pass to use the N word! 

Just so you are clear.

You cannot say Nigger, Nigga, Negro, or any other variation of the word. 

There are no exceptions. It does not matter if we use it. It does not matter what song you heard it in. Your intent does not matter. DO NOT USE THAT WORD! 

Just like the whole why are black people mad at cops when black people kill each other every day. No! that is not how it works! You do not get to justify a wrong with a wrong. That is not the same issue.

Like "All lives matter" or "Blue lives matter." Sure they do, but that has nothing to do with "Black lives matter." We read all those history books, we passed all those test. You have made it very clear who's lives truly matter in America. 

I don't care what Killer Mike or any other black person says in his defense, especially when they are friends with him and use his show as a platform.

I really don't care what Joy Behar or Larry King have to say!

And i definitely don't care what any of those twitter idiots with a verified check think!

Look white people. Don't you think your ancestors used that word enough? There is no joke on this planet that will ever be funny enough to justify using that word. Period!

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