Kathy Griffin Trump Press Conference Review... From a black dude's perspective...

How did we get from this?

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To This?

Aweeee! Poe lil miss Griffin, did that white man hurt yo feelings? Is he attacking and bullying you? 

Yes Lost, I have endured "bullying from the Trump family." 

Which Trump family? You mean the Trump family that you made fun of by making an ISISesque video of their dad's bloody decapitated head? Their dad, no matter how hated, happens to be the president of the United States of America? 

 If this was anyone else Chelsea Manning would be sitting by a TV screen describing what's about to happen next.

If I did that mess I'd be sitting in here with a towel over my face and a feeding tube trying to explain myself.

What is with everyone in 2017? Everyone wants to act hard and talk slick but when they get that same energy back they wanna play victim. Jeez, you ain't learn from Kristine Leahy and Lavar Ball?

Don't act hard then try and pull the woman/victim card for sympathy. We don't feel sorry for you! Some people happen to love this country more than others. Some people happen to love this country unconditionally. So when you simulate murdering their leader, some might have that same energy towards you. If someone made a that same video with you in it, your family would probably be pretty pissed too. And to any of you blind liberal drones that take her side... Shut up hypocrites! Trump can't even misspell a word without you clowns trying to impeach him! #covfefe

Everyone has their opinion about the president. I personally am happy he won. Everyone was all kumbaya acting like racism was gone after eight years of having a black president. Then BOOM! Back to reality. Back to the same racism and sexism that American was built on!

America has come a long way, but still has a long way to go. Why can't these dummies just take their L and move on? A frickin press conference? With that obnoxious lady as your lawyer? Gawd, you just made this crap 1000 times worse. This people need black dudes in their camp forreal.

Look Killa K, repeat after me.

"I'm sorry Melania (oh), I am for real
Never meant to make your Barron cry
I apologize a trillion times"

Thank You OutKast!


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