Jay Z 4:44 Album first listen review!

Welcome to LOSTTHOUGHTS909.COM! My personal, F### Social Media, black culture blog! My name is Lost Thoughts! Some call me Lost. I dunno if that’s a compliment but whatever! Let’s get into this new Jay-Z 4:44 album!

FIRST OFF! Look Jay. I tried to sign up for TIDAL. I even tried to sign up for the 19.99 plan. But nooooooo. This is only exclusive for previous tidal and no reception Sprint users. I hit up all my connects and they was tryna send me viruses and shxt. I'm out here trappin with a bandwidth, with all the chat homies, but don't trip y’all, I got this taken care of!

Warning! I typed most of this on the way to work, as I was listening to the tracks, so pardon the grammar!

Now lets bump this joint!

1. Kill Jay Z - ooooooowwwwweeeee Ye gettin some bars already. Awe man leave Eric Bennett alone. How many dudes has Halle been through since him, and  didn't he pull Prince's ex. Homie you messed up. Didn't Ye teach you not to play the Blame Game! And that Future line was cold blooded dogg, but good one!

2. The Story of O.J. - Look at Jay out here rappin like Common Sense! Hov giving game to these young boys! O.J. got a few lines but this ain't no biography. I get the message tho. I like this jont. These beats too! No I.D. call Nas ASAP!

3. Smile - This beat dope too. Always nice to get a Gloria Carter feature. I wonder if she or B's mom watch the kids on short notice when the nanny calls in sick. Like "Mah, catch the G9 at the clear port outta Marcy airlines and ima meet you at the back yard runway in Calabasas, one." Not feeling this hook though. First verse was meh, that third verse though *James Davis voice*. Jay sent me a line tho. "Niggas'll rip your shit off TIDAL just to spite you." No Jay. You just made it mad difficult to get this shxt! 

4. Caught Their Eyes - This beat is vicious. I don't like how Jay sounds on it, but i like his lyrics. This feels like a Game beat to me. Frank Ocean tho. Never disappoints!

5. 4:44 - Yoooooo only emojis can describe this sample 😲💪 🔥. Nxgga where is my mic! I'm bout to hop back in the booth right now for this one! I already got like eight verses for this! Can I do a whole mixtape with like 10 different songs to this one beat? This shxt breh. No I.D. Man, you a d@mn fool for this one! Back to the song. I like this side of Jay. This is why I'm in the minority that liked Kingdom Come. I hear you back there Kim Burrell! But Jay... How you cheat on B tho. Only he can do that shxt and get away with it.

6. Family Feud Ima need the instrumentals asap y'all. Who got me? My nxgga Jay spittin that game game again. Learn something youngens. This shxt dope. Is this the lemonade response? Chill with that Pac line tho. Beyonce I hear you! This beat mannnnn! Yeesh!

7. Bam - Rude Boyyyyyy. This joint taking me back to my Caribbean roots! Oh shoot, Jay with the stank face flow. Talk that shxt jay. This my favorite joint on here so far. This shxt go hard. Damian Marley if dope as hell!!!

8. Moonlight - Talk to these lil rappers Jay. Teach these lil boys somethin. Stop signing record deals when you already got a buzz... Oh wait that was short...

9. Marcy Me - This beat too. Jeez. What is this album, No ID featuring Jay lol? This is that classic old fashion Jigga. This sound like something from the Blueprint. I bet The- Dream also had something to do with this one.

10. Legacy - With the blue feature! Asahd lookin like aight then. That's two Blue features. College fund on fleek. College fund lit. Nah. I know, I'm too old bro. But look at Jay all woke now. This is dope. Legacy legacy legacy legacy. Blank excellence baby! Jay turning into Gil Scott Heron now lol!

On the first listen, I like this shit yo. I hate to rank so early. I gotta sit with this for a few months and really dive into it, but this is definitely one of my favorites from him. Even Jason Whitlock should approve of 4:44. BRAVO JIGGA!

Yoooo! Black people are running things right now! Tupac Movie, BET Awards, Chance, Diddy, James Davis on Comedy Central, Everyday Struggle, Power, Lavar Ball! Keep rising my brothas and sistas!


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