All Eyez on Me Movie Review

All Eyez on Me Review

Welcome back if you are returning and welcome if you are new! It's the illustrious, the redoubtable, the GLORIOUS, the honorable Lost Thoughts here to talk about the movie on every sensible black person's mind! 

Now before we get started, GO SEE THE MOVIE! Don't take my word for it, don't read the reviews, don't go to 50 cent for guidance, and definitely don't listen to that punk @ss L.T. Hutton. Just go see it and make your own judgments. No matter what, support black art, we need more love, more big budget films. Go see it homie!

Now! When I first heard there would be a Tupac movie I was like...

Then they said that weirdo John Singleton was directing it!

Then they said John Singleton was leaving...

Then they said Benny Boom was directing...

Then they waited til Pac's mom died to finish up and put it out...

Suddenly I started realizing this was becoming less about legacy and more about making that money...

Man! When I heard that Diddy was cool with it but Jada wasn't, I was like, awe d@mn, here we go! When I heard L.T. Hutton smashing on John Singleton, while Benny Boom was trying to scoot further away, during that Breakfast Club interview, I was like man, I don't even wan't to waste my money on this mess. 

Then you start seeing all the politics get involved. 50 cent doing his normal trolling, but when you dig a little deeper, you know him and Hutton have beef over the BMF movie. After watching this movie though, Hutton and Benny don't need the rights to sh!t else!

Yes! That brings us to my opinions after watching the movie. Honest opinion, during the beginning I was bored to death. It was literally 20-30 minutes of yawning. But to be real, by the end I was pleasantly surprised. I expected terrible, which I posted on Instagram before I saw the movie, but by the end I was like... Not bad. Seriously! That was the best Lifetime movie I've ever seen.

Real talk folks. The script was not terrible, the acting was cool, the casting outside of Pac and his momma was suspect, the music had me spitting word for word, but the directing was Gawd Aweful! Benny Boom, your lane is 3-5 minutes, stay there! I think you will definitely get better with practice, but this movie was too big for you. Y'all idoits swear you had a $45 million budget and you couldn't get Ryan Coogler? Antoine Fuqua? Y'all saw straight outta Compton! Just give F. Gary Gray the bag! 

Man that directing was pitiful! Pac out here slapping the drugs out his mom's hand on the set of a Tyler Perry movie! And Wait! Why was Hill Harper even there? Did Pac really perform Hail Mary? I swear, I walked out when I heard Khaled yell "Another One" before Hail Mary came on! Just Kidding! 

I'm not gonna place all the blame on them. We as fans wanted a movie. They delivered. Now, I think it would have been better as a trilogy personally. Not that mythical trilogy Hutton was blabbering about, but three Pac movies in three years would have been dope! A ten episode Netflix biopic would also have been crazy! 

To say that this is part two of Straight Outta Compton is borderline blasphemous. If it was true then they would have at least used the same characters. I know F. Gary Gray was busy out doing real movies, but I would have waited another year for them to get it right. 

Seriously, when Snoop came out with that fake @ss fro, tell me you aint wanna walk the f#ck out! Then they dubbed his voice and Snoop was all good with it? N---- you was just happy to get a check! You couldn't get the Straight Outta Compton actors for 2 minutes of screen time? Really? Dre was there, then suddenly he was gone... Like d@mn he just got here! Can a brotha get a DJ Quik Cameo? That fool been looking the same for 25 years!

Look! The trend in 2017 is to call someone a hater if they don't like something you like. "If you don't like that Pac movie shut the fXck up hater!!!" Well guess what! That's why I have my own platform where I can talk my sh!t and you can't do nothing about it! 

One dude had a video on YouTube saying, "If you don't like the movie, Shut Up!" In that same video he called himself biased and even mentioned he had a friend in the movie, with his All Eyez on Me tee on. 

Well, here at, we are not biased. I keep in 100% and tell you how I feel. 

You can check my list. Tupac is my number one. I went into the theater expecting the worst and walked out satisfied. I got to reminisce on songs I grew up on, songs I studied, and at least they didn't make Pac look like a punk, like they did Eazy-E.

I do feel that there was a bit much of this Pac...

But not enough of this Pac...

And this Pac...

But over all. They got it done! I agree with Hutton on one thing. Everyone out here crying with Hollywood ties, but he got it done so you can't complain.

So in closing, I'll give this movie a 2.9/5 C-. I couldn't think of the right number grade and while I was in the theater, during the credits, this was the first thing that came to mind.

But like I said in the beginning. Go see the movie for yourself! Don't take my word for it!

Happy Birthday Tupac Amaru Shakur!

June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996

Gone but never forgotten!

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