This fool Trump said he thought being president "would be easier."

 "This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier." -Trump

Dawg forreal? I been going easy on you but bro! You mean all that bull shxt you was talking about being "all talk and no action" was fake news? Like holy crap! You literally can't get anything done in Washington. And all this time I was wrong in thinking the other 44 dudes who did the job were just bxtching about nothing? 

Here's the video:

"Thought it would be easier."

If you don't sit yo crying @ss down and stop whining! Homie I got news for you playa. This was only the first 41 days. Talking all that mess to get elected and found out what's really good. I mean dog. Look what happen to Obama after 8 years of that drama.



And they say black don't crack. This idiot Trump aint gone make it at this pace. I'm serious. When you go from everyone doing all your work for you to now you actually have to make decisions, life is hard. It's like a recently divorced chick trying to decide what movie to watch. This clown gone look like this in 2020:

Sorry... I couldn't find any futuristic pictures of Trump so I just used recent one but you get the point. This dude out here crying like he didn't apply for the job. Like dog you put your own bread up to get this job doggie this is all on you bud. Tell these dude how hard your job is:

Now you see why Obama out here white peopling, bungee jumping and shxt, rocking button ups with his chest showing. He ain't got no worries. Why? Cause the all on you big fella! 

Good Luck!


You mad bro?

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