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If you're a nerd like me and you're into a lot of stats, you need to check this site out. They have tons of different sports simulation games that you can play completely online. My favorites are college and pro basketball mainly because the rosters are small and easy to keep track of but I enjoy many of the different sports.

I will suggest you play on a decent desktop computer or laptop with some decent memory or things will get slow quickly. I tried on my Chromebook and Android phone and simulation speeds wore almost unbearable at times. Also I have run into a few glitches but they are tolerable since this is a free game.

It even gets deeper. If you are a bit more computer savvy, you can manipulate the rosters, teams, schedules, and more. There are plenty of websites that will help you edit JSON files to fully customize your gaming experience.

Overall this is a cool website for all the sports nerds out there. 

For more information check them out on Reddit:



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