Breaking News - Mcdonald's getting rid of Hi-C Orange May 1st


Seriously? Are this fools crazy??? And for some TropicBerry Sprite? Bruhhhhh! You mean to tell me Blue Powerade is a more important flavor? You mean to tell me yall had a meeting and decided to get rid of the one fruit drink y'all had and replace it with a variation of a soda you bishes already have? In 2017 when Jack In The Box and Five Guys got the muffa fuggin machine with all the d@mn flavors already in it, McDonald's gotta keep showing the people how out of touch they are with the times. 

Fallen Soldier

Just when McDonald's stock starts to rebound, these ho3s gotta go do this dumb ish. Seriously bro. I don't even know what other flavors they have cause that's all me and the kids drink. Welp let the boycotts begin. I was already done with their food but this right here will put a brotha on a diet! Son I been sippin on these since they came in Super Size. I bet these bastard will try and bring it back every once in a while like the McRib. 


Well, run to Mickey D's ASAP and get your last sips in before deez bishes drop the casket on McDonald's #1 drink in tha hood G. Mannnnn, Coke stay stealin from black folk... SMH... I reached out to the OG that always stands outside the McDonald's asking for bus fair, and here's what he had to say:

Everybody know the order. Three Large Hi-C Orange No Ice. Now what am I supposed to drink Cancer Juice Light Lemonade or God-forbid some water!!! That's it y'all. Jesus is coming. Some how this has got to be Trump's fault. Hi-C Orange was covered under Obamacare and I don't even like Obamacare. But don't trip y'all Jack in the Crack still gotcha back!!! They can still hook you up with the Hi-C of champions!

So long my friend

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