LA RIOTS - 25 years later.

I was almost 5 around this time but I still remember having to miss preschool because of the riots. I had to stay with the baby sitter a couple days while my mom still went to work. In fact the Rodney King beating happened right down the street from where my baby sitter lived. Most kids think another riot is coming but have no idea How much times were different back then. 

The black community was slightly more united, black culture was strong and powerful, and police response was much slower. There were no camera phones, cops had no social media to monitor. Everything was just word of mouth.

Things have changed. Black culture has been dumbed down to nothing, cops aren't afraid to shoot niggas on sight, and now they're moving around like mini-miltaries.

Black people have been weakened and separated. The poor are getting spread thin. The wealthy blacks are trying to not piss off the whites above them because they don't want to lose their jobs and toys.

Things aren't going to change unless black people are willing to suffer a little bit. I don't think blacks are willing to live like Asians and Hispanics. My mom has 5 bedrooms and it's just 2 of them. Asians and Hispanic people would have at least 10 in a big ass house like that. Everyone would be grinding to share the wealth.

But not us. We gotta stay one step ahead of our peers. And thanks to the residual effects of slavery, this will probably never change.



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