13 Reasons Why (A Netflix Original) Review from a black dude's perspective.

I'm back boyyyyyyyy!!!! Yo! It's the coconut moisturized, Olay only using, Chuck-Taylor wearing, gang-bangin, private school attending criminal with no arrest record, LostThoughts909. I'm here with another review of this Netflix joint called Listen to the Damn tapes already 13 Reasons Why. 

Man... First off, we can safely say there probably wont be a season two. That justifies 13 episodes I guess, but there is definitely a lot of unnecessary fluff in the middle. Of course, with the name of the show, they kinda had to commit to that number but jeez, listening to Clay bxtch and whine soooo much, you kinda wish he died and Hannah lived. It's just a show liberals, so don't get your panties corn-rolled.

I must say this though. I finished my high school career in an all boy school and Thank GOD! OMG. Someone please tell me this is not what really happens in majority white high schools. Most of the schools I attended were pretty diverse, and I did get picked on often, but "bullying" ended in elementary. I guess, unless we're talking prison, black kids tend to go back and forth with insults, instead of relentless one sided attacks. Most times, when a good kid is unreasonably picked on, someone will come to his/her defense. 

I have never attended a school where the majority of the population wasn't Black or Hispanic but I did attend a sports summer camp at USC and that was my first real experience with an attempt at "bullying." I guess the White and Asian kids thought black jokes were funny until they were about to catch that Inglewood fade. At that moment I realized White kids operated differently because they came from a different world. Now don't get me wrong, some the most hurtful, racist, prejudice things, I have ever heard have come from the mouths of black people, but, I just feel that we picked on each other mutually. Some kids were just better at it. I guess seniors did pick on freshman but even then (and this is no excuse, but...) those freshman were looking for some action. Everyone goes to a new school hoping for a new opportunity to reinvent themselves, especially boys. After two or three years of high school, you can smell a clown a mile away. If you're not tough bro, don't act like it. Just be yourself. Girls, as far as high school goes, I'm sorry but, you're screwed. Don't worry though, you'll be well prepared for the pettiness that will continue into your professional life. 

Until my sophmore year of high school, I hated school. I hated school to the point where I wished I was dead on a daily basis. Hell I hated life in general but that's another topic for another time. I never considered suicide. In fact, I wanted to hurt them more than anything. At the time I thought that I never had the courage to kill myself but the reality is that it took a thousand times more courage to not kill myself. No offense to anyone who has been affected by suicide but I think we need to give more credit to those who avoided it.

OK so after learning all of Hannah's reasons I did feel bad for her. I did understand what led her down that path. The show did reinforce my hatred of bullies and bullying in general but one fact still remains. Suicide is selfish. I'm sorry if you think I'm being insensitive but it is what it is, and the tapes, in my personal opinion, only made her seem more selfish. It made suicide seem like a cop out or the easy way out of a difficult situation.

This show did caused me to worry. I have four young children and with everything going on in the world, I truly fear for them. I fear that things like this could be going on right under my nose and I'd have no idea. Especially when there are shows like this that make suicide seem heroic and understandable. I fear that no matter what I teach, they will still be adversely affected by the things their peers say. I feel that some @sshole boy or girl will break their heart to where it's not reparable. I fear they'll feel the way I did throughout my youth. I just hope it doesn't end like this.

My first question to myself at the end of the series was, who is really to blame? My answer. 1. Hannah, 2. Hannah's parents 3. Everyone else. Lately suicide has been glorified as a viable response to pain. NO! It's the worst option. All it does is deflect your pain onto those closest too you. Find someone who you can trust, call the Suicide Hotline (1-800-273-8255), and to the parents, be more active in your kids lives. Nothing, no bill, no job, nothing is more important than their well being. 

Now. Another very important topic. Kids are cruel. We need to teach our kids at very young age to have thick skin. That's why slave masters stuck hot needles in the skin of slaves. They couldn't believe how thick our skin really was. Black children, black girls in particular, need extremely tough skin in this world. You're gonna hear that you're too dark, your hair is too nappy, your lips are too big, your body is too curvy, black women are lazy ghetto hoes on welfare, and gold diggers. You need to be ready for that. You need to be ready for black men to respect you even less than other races. You may even build your own stereotypes about those of your same complexion because of the way we are taught to think of each other and black people in general. Why does this happen? Not bad parenting, but neglectful parenting.

Neglectful parenting applies to all races. We work so hard to survive, we're all tired, we're all struggling, so we forget to teach our kids the same survival skills that got us through our youth. Soon life as a kid is just, get up, go to school, go home, do your homework, take a shower, go to bed. You may ask, "How was school?" or "What did you learn?" but then your back to demanding chores be done, and intruding on their social media. I mean I'm the biggest opponent of being your kid's friend but your kid still needs to be able to trust you and talk to you. I grew up with a single mom who worked her a$$ off but I didn't feel I could just talk to her. If I can't talk to my own mother, who the fXck and I supposed to talk too?

I know I'm getting a bit deep so I'll wind this up. I found the show to be pretty entertaining. I would have preferred 8-10 episodes instead of 13 or maybe 30-40 minutes per episode but I think they provided more than enough back story to fully understand every detail. I mean I literally spent at least 5 episodes yelling "just listen to the d@mn tapes already!!!" I think it was good fantasy but a bit out of touch with reality. I think outside of Clay, Hannah, and Tyler all those kids looked d@mn near 30. Seriously they looked like college juniors and seniors at best. I think the acting was good, the writing was good, and the visuals weren't bad. I did find myself lost at times on how much time had passed or was he still listening to the tapes or not, but it made sense by the end.

Did we need too see her actually do the deed and her parents reaction? I'd say yes. Yes because I really think those like me, who actively battle depression, should really think about the pain that our deaths would cause to those around us. Dying naturally would be hard enough, but killing yourself would cause even more pain and guilt. 

Suicide has been increasing in the media lately especially in the black community. People do it for many reasons. Maybe they mad a huge mistake or committed a crime and can't live with the consequences, maybe they are severely depressed or have other serious mental problems, or maybe someone has hurt them and they feel its the only way they could make that person hurt more. Life is hard, time are tough, and my opinion means nothing but I hope you can find the strength to get through it.


Thank you for reading. 


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