Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 4 - IV - Review (Drake and/or Big Sean diss)

Uh-Oh! Kendrick is back! Yoooooo I dunno who this ninja is sneak dissing but whoever it is... I know his feelings is hurting real bad right now. This is subliminal at its finest. This is 2017 no names beef at its best. Real talk. 

All jokes aside, this post may hurt the feelings of many hardcore Kendrick stans but here at you should know by now that we absolutely, positively, do not give a fuqqqqq!!!!

Look I support West Coast hip hop to the fullest. I want the West to be on top. I just feel Kendrick is slightly overrated. I think that hip hop is soooooo terrible nowadays, that dudes like J. Cole, Drake, and Kendrick sound so much better than their peers. People hear them and assume, compared to the rest of these neegas, they just have to be legends. I personally disagree. I find Kendrick top 5 of this generation but above average at best in the whole of hip hop history.

Like Drake and Cole I just don't really care for any of his albums as a whole (except maybe section80, MAAD city is just ok to me). I like many Kendrick songs like, HiiiPoWer, Rigamortus, Backseat Freestyle, Sing About Me, Compton, King Kunta, The Blacker the Berry, etc. but I'm just not into the singing, and funny voice stuff.

When I listen to a Kendrick album I wanna hear him snappin for 10 songs straight. I'm sorry. I know it's tough but that's what it takes for me to call an album a classic. I'm not against rappers trying to step out the box and find themselves and all that other crap but that's what separates good from classic. 

The Heart IV for example. I liked it. He sounded pretty tough and confident but there were only a few BARS in there. I give Kendrick a pass because he already mentioned everyone's name in one verse on Control but still. I aint about to sit here for hours tryna decifer who the fuq this is directed at. I'm leaning towards Big Sean because of the No Interviews subliminals but hey could be a lil Drake shots in there too. Who knows? Besides, according to other Big Sean sumbliminals Drake and Big Sean are basically the same ninja. IMO if that's true Sean, then I guess Drake is just better at being you, than you, but hey that's another topic for another day.

Big Sean Subliminals: "And I’m just not impressed by you niggas rapping fast / Who sound like one big asthma attack but trash when I’m rapping it back / Who you put in your top five and claim they the savior of rap"

Anyways, overall I think the song is a decent advertisement for the maybe album coming 4/7/17. I just hope he doesn't J. Cole us with some heat that aint on the album, then give us a project fulla, 2 bangers, 3 meh, 5 hmmm, and 2 straight weird.

If this dude is really dissing Sean then I have to get something off my chest. I think K. Dot would win in a battle with Sean but I gotta keep it 100. When I first heard the Control verse I got caught in my feelings like everyone else. I'm not a Big Sean fan but I recently relistened to Control after watch a DJ Akademiks video a couple days ago. I also listen to DJ Khaled's Holy Key and I gotta say Big Sean had the better bars on both songs. 

Look. I think Kendrick's verse sounded better on Control. Just like I think Jay Electronica shoulda took second verse instead tryna be hard and go third. No his verse or his career has not been slept on, it literally has just put us to sleep! Stop hyping that dude he has one classic song and no catalog. We can't rank him because he has no music to rank. Period!!! 

Like I said, Kendrick's verse on Control sounded better and it had more of an impact, but Big Sean was spitting more bars. On Holy Key there is no debate. Sean was just better. That's probably where he got the confidence and audacity to even kinda come at K. Dot in the first place. Plus getting called out on your own song then leaving it off your album when it woulda been the best song on there, probably leaves a salty taste in your mouth too.

If this is directed at Drake I feel that can go either way. I'm not much of a Drake fan either and most of his music is far too emotional for me but when he raps, Drake RAPS. He been throwing shot at Kendrick for a couple years now. Here are a few examples to jog your memory:

The Language: "F*** any n**** that’s talkin’ that s*** just to get a reaction"

Shxt (Remix): "Took n****s out the hood like I'm from there / So you know it's all good when I come there / I hear you talk about your city like you run that / And I brought my tour to your city, you my son there n****"

6PM in New York: "I got a backyard where money seems to come from the trees"

Used To: "They gon' say your name on them airwaves / They gon' hit you up right after like it's only rap"

Summer Sixteen: "Tell Obama that my verses are just like the whips that he in / They bulletproof."

Kendrick ain't Meek though so that would be fun. Nothing against Meek. If rap was like back in the day where dudes waited a year plus to respond to a diss then I think Meek woulda had a chance but since social media demands that you respond in an hour, people like Meek and his ex get served by people with a quicker pen... No matter who's writing it...

I'll let this funny @ss dude Ryan Davis explain that for you:

Plus you may or may not know he also took a shot at Jay Electronica "The last n**** I know." Ab Soul already handle that though. Plus he kinda addressed it on Untitled 7 with, "I can never end a career if it never start."

Personally I love beef on wax. I think hip hop is a contact sport. I love the competitiveness of rap music especially when the country is going through an invasion of softness and political correctness, the likes of which we have never seen. Let's face it, the world hates us even more now because we're fulla pussies. The softness is permeating into our music. So when dudes like Kendrick go off! I frickin love it!

 I hope the next K. Dot album is fulla gems like this. I can support section80, and maybe even Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, but I don't mess with To Pimp a Butterfly. I don't care what yall say. 

BUT, I make it a point to not call artist or there music wack because I respect the work they put in not matter how much I don't like it. My belief is, especially to you LOCAL @SS RAPPERS, if you think a rapper is wack when they're selling more records or winning more awards than you, then you are just a HATER. FUQ yo opinions homie! If you don't think Panda by Desiigner goes hard, or if you think you got better bars, make better songs, or whatever, PROVE IT! Stop making excuses. Chance out here winning grammies with no label, putting out free music, just like you. 

I admit, I'm stuck in the 90s and early 2000s so I'm very picky about my music but I'm willing to give Kendrick another chance. This is my least favorite The Heart Series song but it will still get spins in my rotation. 


I like it. I don't love it. That's my opinion and I'm sticking too it!

Until next time everyone! Thank you for reading!!!


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