Tazo Chai Classic Latte Review

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Greetings and welcome to LostThoughts909.com. Today I present my humble review on Tazo Chai Classic Latte. I know my followers in the hoods and ghettos around the world are wondering... Why is the OG killa being so professional in this post? Well folks, it is simply because I know only soccer moms and metrosexuals care about this post. Unfortunately I will not be keeping it gangster this time are but if your confused or feel lost, please click here and find some ignore sh!t to read.

Now about the tea. It's cool. My favorite is at Panera, then expensive @ss Starbucks, then watered down crap at my job, but if I'm too lazy or broke for that stuff, this is my go to. Now, first things first. I make mines with vanilla almond milk so that I don't get the dookies. I'm black, 99% of us are lactose intolerant, and unfortunately that's just how it goes.

Blue Diamond® Almond Breeze® Vanilla Almondmilk 32 fl. oz. Aseptic Carton

Now it's actually not bad. I prefer it cold with tons of ice but I don't really know why because I think it taste better warm. I will say no matter what you do, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Get a measuring cup and make it like it says on the box or it will be disgusting!!!

Now as far as taste, like I said it's not bad. Unfortunately, no matter what I did, it still had a hint of that concentrated taste, but it was tolerable. This will not replace you local coffee/tea establishment. It is just something you can grab on the way to work, the guy you're cheating on your husband with, grabbing groceries, scooping up those bad little spoiled brats from karate class, or heading to the gym. But if you're looking for something that will change your life after getting out of a two hour traffic jam, just got to the professionals!


Thank you for reading.


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