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Aye Bro! Does your mom know you're reading this? Your boss should be peaking over your shoulder in 3... 2... 1... Quick! What are you working on? Put this in the right corner of your screen so your head blocks it! LMAO I'm kidding kids! Anywayz. How you feeling?

Let's get cracking!

This game right here bro! Annoying as FUQ! The deeper you go the harder you gets man. Every once in a while there's one easy level but nah this game is ridiculous.

Don't get me started on them mini games! Fuq them puppy challenges with 5 levels reverting me back to level one after not beating level four by one fricken strawberry!!! Or them fat a$$ chickens hopping in the middle of my five-in-a-row! And ooooooooweeeee if that mutha fuggin rabbit take one more of my good carrots instead of the nice lonely joints in the the corner caught under an ice block, I bout to throw this motha lovin phone out the window on the 91 freeway....

Don't worry. We weren't moving an inch so I got my phone back!

But seriously dude! I can't get 120 apples, 120 radishes, 120 suns, 120 carrots, and 60 fireworks in one move. Why are these water buckets surrounded by plants and ice blocks? That d@mn raccoon uses up all my beans! And OMG them ugly ass dusty dirty fruits! Them mud puddles be all in the way! I swear bro! They must want you to use all them little perks at the bottom of the screen on one level. Yall think yall slick! I aint buying no gold bars to complete this level! why don't yall just drop one more strawberry so i can complete the effin level huh!

That being said. The crap is kinda addicting while taking a sh!t or listening to your chick talk about work or some sh!t. My bad @ss kids love sticking their dirty little greasy sticky fingers on my screen messing up my game! But all in all it will do! 


Later Thots!


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