Top 10 Best Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix Original Series.

A list of my 10 favorite Streaming shows on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.

1. House of Cards (Netflix)

 This show right here brody is my shiznit. If you know me, I'm deep into politics and conspiracy. This show is like Ice cream but with caramel swirls and Reese's crumbled on it. It has everything you want plus some. This is the jont you go watch as soon as you see the Kerry Washington coming across the screen. Be like, "OK honey, you go ahead and watch yo lil show, and be ready for sex in an hour." But you know damn when as soon and that sh!t end she's gonna spend an hour giving you a play by play of what just happened, after she gets off the phone with her homegirl. Like yooo, how do you even have a voice when you just got done screaming for an hour straight. Anyways, if you wanna watch the dudes version of Scandal, watch this bro.

2. Bosch (Amazon)

Well, I'm a big cop show kinda guy. I love me some Law and Order, SVU, New York undercover, NYPD Blue, The Wire, True Detective Season 1, CSI Original Only, The Following, The Killing (uh oh, got a new list idea lol), etc. This show fits right in. A plus is that it takes place in Los Angeles instead of on the east coast. I will admit that it a very cliche, typical, cop-drama, but the acting and writing is so damn good that it stands out. I'm a sucker for story arch and character development so I love this show.

3. Sense 8 (Netflix)

If I did this list immediately after watching this show it would have probably been number one. Thankfully I have had plenty of time to calm my nerves. I was pumped just when I first heard about this show and it didn't disappointment. It didn't blow me away but it was just what I needed. I can't wait for season 2!

4. Stranger Things (Netflix)

Same with the show above. If I did this list immediately after watching this would have been number 1, even above sense 8. I actually love this show. I love Sci-Fi. I have been watching Star Trek next generation for the past month with plans to watch the whole entire series. I love everything about this show but it's basic premise. It's the typical lab kid goes postal story. It is still well done so I can't complain too much.

5. Bloodline (Netflix)

Recurring theme kinda but if I made this list after watching this show, it would have never made the the damn list in the first place. This show was sooooooooooo boring in the first 5-7 episodes. The reason this show is here is because the final episode of each season happens to be two of the best 2 finales I've ever seen in my life. The last 2-3 episodes are usually pretty decent lead-ups but those finales are like BOOM! They hit you like anvils hit Wile E.Coyote. The first Season was like yoooooo, they killed him though! The second one was like YOOOOO, THEY KILLED HIM THOUGH!!!!! Like could a family possibly have any more damn drama. Black people be having some family issues but white folks take drama to level 1000. Black people will yell and fight then be cool by Thanksgiving. You know how auntie hate everybody but smile half way. Yeah she might blow great grandmas social security in Vegas, but white people will get a lawyer and notary, rewrite dad's will, kill all the siblings with cyanide punch, pay off the foreign gardener she's sleeping with, and turn themselves in, but get off on a technicality. That ain't no where near what happen in the show but I ain't giving you no spoilers!

6. Jessica Jones (

Honestly this is some straight jungle fever type, kinda strong a lil bit type, superhero stuff. They kinda like slighty stronger than Batman but meh. The visuals are epic though. Any show with Rosario is a plus. If you've seen Power on Stars and think those sex scenes are soft core porn then the sex scenes in this show are more like soft core rape, but you're kinda unsure who is raping who. On a serious note, RAPE is not a laughing matter, and everyone please don't be afraid to report it to the authorities. For real though, this show is pretty good and I'll explain why I put it above the next show.

7. Daredevil (Netflix)

The first season of Daredevil was great. If that was all I had to go on, this show would be much higher. In fact the reason it's even this high is again thanks to Rosario. Now my problem with this show is season two. I struggles to get through this season out of pure boredom. I swear, at times I felt like I was watching a show on the CW. The other, probably more significant saving grace of this show was the outright brutalness of the frickin Punisher. Dat muffa Fugga is skraight up insane nutzo. I hope Netflix gives that A-hole his own show and lets him kill sh!t for 10 straight episodes non-stop! But outside of that, season two had wayyy to much b!tch!ng and simping and not enough ass kicking. Even more concerning is that Batman could probably kick Daredevil's ass, but who is really a winner in that fight lol. Now Batfleck vs dead zombie Punisher would be epic!

8. Narcos
Image result

I'm sorry! I know God christened this show to be the greatest thing since Breaking Bad but personally its just so so to me. Two things. First Pablo's accent is straight pitiful bro. Real talk I don't even need to read the subtitles to understand him trying his damnedest to sound like he speaks Spanish. I had to look it up. Like do this dude got a speech impediment or something? No he's from zikaland and speaks Portuguese. He reminds me of walking to the bus stop with the Mexican homie but some old lady who only speaks Spanish walks up asking him questions. He tries to respond but you quickly realize even yo dumbass know more Spanish than him. That's what this mofo sounds like. I C'd my way all the way up to Spanish 3 so I know a fraud when I hear one! Reason number two is simple. I got 4 kids man, hate shows with subtitles. Ain't nobody got time for that!

9. Mad Dogs (Amazon)

Really yo. This show is only here to show Amazon more love. Nah I'm kidding. I actually like this show. The plus was that it was made in Belize so I feel like I'm watching my aunt and uncles every time they talk to the locals. I love the story and the character and laughed all the way through. Fxck you Amazon for not renewing but I kinda understand the logic. There are literally not many other directions to take this story.

10. Orange Is the New Black

I haven't watched this show since the first season because I felt my estrogen levels rising too high above normal. I only put it here for the ladies lol.

Honorable Mentions: The Confession (Hulu), Bojack Horse Man (click here), Between (Netflix), F is For Family (Netflix), Hand of God (Amazon)

And no I don't like Marco Polo (Netflix), Hemlock Grove (Netflix), Transparent (Amazon), The Man In The High Castle (Amazon), 11.22.63 (Hulu), and I rarely watch sitcoms. Honestly I'm kinda biased against Hulu because the whole point of streaming is to not watch commercials or wait every week for a new episode. I don't even watch my favorite television shows until they are available for streaming.

Anyways I appreciate you all as always. So, here is a gift to show my appreciation.


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