Bloody War: Mercenary, Inc. By seal Media Review

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo. It's the illustrious, almighty Lost Thoughts currently writing on vacation from the Klingon Empire. I just beamed back to Earth to give you a quick review on a new game that I recently started playing. 

Bloody War: Mercenary, Inc. is essentially the same game as Blood Hand or Bloody Roads (read more here) but to me it looks much better and plays much smoother. Not many are playing it right now and that is always a plus in player-vs- player game. For those who are seal game vets. This was the first seal game and it was terrible. Once seal learned a few things form Bloody Roads and Bloody Hand, they came back to Bloody War with a new and improved game play experience. 

Blood Roads is still king when it comes to upgrades and active players but this game is on the come up! Most of the players are pros at seal games so you may wanna learn from the other games first before you test the waters here. As far as looks and presentation go, this game wins hands down for real, no contest! You can have your player looking like call of duty even though its pretty expensive and useless.

But like with all seal games, the goal is to make money. It is definitely possible to be a beast on a budget but you really need to know what you're doing. 

With all that said bro, I gotta give them a 4.0/5.0.

They still need to reward much more coins and bring down the prices of the items. More missions and better customization is always a plus but most importantly they need to fix the team battle system. They need to reward winning and punish loosing much more. Mediocre teams will avoid fighting the stronger to not give up points but then the get in huge battles and bait weaker team to get huge amounts of points. The system rewards teams who fight more and not teams who win. My improvement would be to give the winning team an extra 2500-5000 points simply for winning the battle. Fix that and I raise my score! 

Well... Back to my Starship. Peace


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