ARQ (Netflix Original Film) Review

ARQ (Netflix Film) Review

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WADDDDUPPPPP brodies and hotties. How yall living? I mean outside of the fact that cops are killing black folks with their hands up, yet they still fight harder against a football players exercising their constitutional rights.  Or Hillary Clinton hacking her way to destroying America. Don't get me started on dumb ass Donald and dumber ass Donald Trump Jr. You may think I'm digressing but nope. This movie is basically about the extreme result of a what happens when a nation is divided. 

I will keep this a bit more simple since that's what they did with the production. Movies with small budgets like this rely more on dialog and overall writing, more than imagery and CGI. This is your basic Indy film. One location, a handful of characters, a strong plot, and decent writing. 

Let me first say this. Stop reading and go watch it, then come back and finish reading. Dummy I said stop reading!!! Spoiler Alert foe! 

Now that they're gone, look. Why da faq does every decent movie need a damn love story! If you want females to watch a movie, make a damn female movie. This dumb shxt main character Renton (fuq boy name), basically got this time machine called the ARQ. The time machine resets every day to where you started the day before. So guess you're stuck on the same day for ever. Its has a limited range so everything outside this circle continues normally. Of course this dude only cares about some thot named Hannah (fuq girl name). He just wanna save-a-hoe then destroy that jont but she tryna take the damn machine back to her squad "the Bloc" before their rivals Torus corporation get it and really fxck shxt up. 

If you look at the plot logically there are too many contradictions but whatever. I'm not here to over analyze today. I know some people are still reading so I wont give the other plot details away but just think, post apocalypse futuristic world, powerful super corporation runs sh!t, and rebels will do anything to get the upper hand. They really just tryna survive and rob Renton but this idiot gotta tell old girl he got a damn time machine. 

Why is Torus even involved? Because Renton used to work for them trying to build the ARQ. The ARQ is supposed to be a  perpetual motion machine. Lost. What on the fxck is that? To keep it simple. It's a machine that works without a power source. It has no plugs, no batteries, no solar panels, it just works. This shxt is impossible, unless God makes it. Welp, Torus realized this was a dumbass idea so they cancelled the project. So what did Renton do? Stole that shxt and bounced. He kept working on it and oops, made a time machine. Torus has no idea. All they know is ole Renny Ren took they shxt.

The idea is interesting but the budget severely limits the possibilities. We get to see one little cool looking robot at the end but never get to really see what Torus or the Bloc are technologically capable of. All we get is a couple main character that are too deep in their feelings. The ending of course leaves you feeling empty, but that's the trend for movies nowadays.

I probably butchered the plot but that's the gist of it. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy(s), but boy only cares about saving girl. Girl likes boy(s) but is more concerned with saving her people in the Bloc more than she cares about him and his emotions. Boy and girl are stuck in a time loop, and every day they try and do better than the last day, things only get worse. The day resets when the time is up and even if you die in the last loop, you wake up like nothing happened. Boy and girl really fuq shxt up the last loop but instead of destroying the machine, boy tells girl he wants to try one more time. Boy wants pussy really bad so he agrees to do whatever girl wants. Boy leaves message on computer for himself before the day resets, Torus robot busts in the room and shoots the shxt out of them. Movie over.

Movie Fxckxing Over. 

For ending like that i will give this movie 6/10

Of course it gets 4 stars on Netflix because I don't want them to blacklist similar movies and TV shows from my suggested lists.

Well I hope you enjoyed this ignorant review!

Live long and prosper!


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