Lost Thoughts Top 10 Favorite Cartoons!

***Warning! This list contains a mixture of regular and grown up cartoons!***

1. Batman: The Animated Series

I will never argue this so don't ever bother. My favorite comic book character in the greatest, most creative, most artist cartoon ever, by far. Most Batman films are based from the design of this cartoon. Go on Amazon right now and start at episode one and you will be trapped until the end. Then you will fall in a show hole.

2. The Boondocks

I will never argue this either! The first 3 seasons of The Boondocks are epic! The voices and the stories bring the comic to life. Maybe because I can relate to Huey in my youth, but I love this show. I remember reading these comic strips every Sunday when my grandma bought the Sunday paper. Then it came to television guns blazing aiming right at the critics! The tip of the iceberg is the BET episode, when they aimed right for Debra Lee's jugular.

3. Archer

No fricken idea why I love this show so much, and I drool and growl and until the next season is available for streaming. I just love it. Every character, especially Lana and Pam, I love dumb ass Archer, I love the goofiness and silliness. I love the missions. I just enjoy this dumb shXt for no reason.

4. Futurama

Another show I have no idea why I like. I used to hate Futurama when it first came out. To me it was that Simpsons' knockoff that my mom liked. But as I got older and the entire series was available on damn Netflix, I have watched every episode to the point where I fell in love.

5. Hey Arnold!

This was almost my number 6. As a kid I liked Hey Arnold, but I loved Doug. But as an adult you respect writing and character development more. I remember ever single episode as I re-watch them, but the certain things that went over my head as a child make much more sense now. They don't write kids cartoons like this anymore.

6. Doug

Doo doo doo, doodoodoo, doo doo doo... Need I say more? This show is like the cartoon version of boy meets world! Skeeter was the man! Porkchop was a boss! Now let's keep it 100. Every kid in the hood wanted Doug to pull Patty! Just like we want Cory to pull Topanga (we all knew she'd be fine!), we wanted Doug to hit that son! With that said, Doug was a simple show. Doug was fun and lighthearted, but predictable. I don't care to re-watch Doug the way I do the of the Top 5, but overall, it's still an awesome show!

7. Family Guy

The only reason Family guy isn't lower is because Bojack is fairly new. I hardly watch Family Guy anymore, but wont I lie and say it didn't take up a large portion of my television viewing life. Family Guy is so polarizing that not only do people either love it or hate it overall, you can love it and hate it on a episode by episode basis. You have to have very thin skin and a strong sense of humor to not get offended at some point or another by this show. Most of the really racial stuff gets shoveled over to American Dad, but this show does have its moments. Either way, for the most part, Family Guy is funny as shxt!

8. Bojack Horseman

I never trust critics for many reasons, but this show is a prime example. I enjoyed season one much more than season three, but most critics feel season two and three are nearly twice as good as season one. If you don't know, I'm extremely biased toward Netflix show for so many reasons. I like my TV shows how I want it, when I want it, with no commercials or interruptions. If I want to spend my entire Saturday watching Bojack, Netflix lets me do that! Let's not make this about cord cutting! This is a show with frickin human-like, animal-faced, dudes and chicks, doing exact what we'd expect our pets to do if they walked on two feet and talked! I can't wait to see where this show goes!

9. Avatar

Uh, Duh! One of the greatest cartoons ever made. No sane cartoon enthusiast will debate that. What they will yell at me about is why it isn't in my top five. Well quite frankly it's lucky to be in my top ten. I know how great it was and still is but, out of sight, out of mind. This show doesn't come to mind when reminiscing about our youth. I still put it because when Avatar does come up, you still think, "Man, that was an epic show!"

10. Static Shock

Racial Discussion Alert!!! LOL. You know how it goes on the internet. Young black men die and no one says a word, but when race comes into any other discussion, those same silent people go, "does it always have to be about race?" Tangent Alert!!! Well if you see injustice and don't say or do anything, you are a part of the problem. 

Static Shock holds a special place in my heart. Not only because he's a black super hero, but because I could relate to some of the social issues he faced. When I made this list, Static Shock was the first name I wrote down. The jokes were corny, but the love was there. Virgil faced real issues like loosing his mother as the result of gang violence, or considering joining a gang when they look out for you. Many people around the world face these issues every day, but 14 black young men are particularly prone to these type of issues in their communities.

Sorry for getting preachy at the end, but it is was it is.

Thanks for reading.


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