Lost Thoughts Top 10 Favorite Anime!

1. Trinity Blood

Why? I dunno maybe cause I went to catholic school since middle school, but Abel Nightroad is a Mutha Fuggin Boss OG! He cool though cause he just be chillin' acting nerdy and stuff then BOOM!!! When Abel turns Crusnik it's a wrap G. That ninja sucks the blood out the other vampires. Not like them ugly chin, powder looking, dudes from Blade 2. I'm talking Abel don't even use fangs bruh. Dude be Red Crossin vampires with his wings and his mind! This fool will just think the blood out of a vampire. He be like, "aye blood! How bout you go ahead and hop out that body and come Netflix and chill wit me." He like Blade infinity. This anime isn't on the top of most peoples list but this was my gateway drug to anime so I put it as my favorite. It's not the best, but it's still MY favorite! 

2. Dragon Ball Z

This was close between #2 and #3 but it wins in the end. First off, I don't even look at this like an anime. It's more like a sophisticated cartoon lol. I don't know what I'm talking about but this show is off the chain. Repetitive, fight scenes too long, Kai is better, Dragon Ball is better, blah, blah, blah. I've heard it all and I don't care. DBZ is the best of its kind! Goku is the man as usual but trunks! Dammmmmnnnnn! and Gohan! Yoooooooo! So what if he don't train and he studies too much! Yo little super heroes aint messing with him. Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, don't matter, Saiyans would give them all the Business.

3. Death Note

I'm trying not to give out spoilers so I'll TRY to keep this simple. This Shinigami named Ryuk meets this loner dude named Light. First off, a Shinigami is a Death God, that lives in another dimension. They add life to themselves by taking the rest of a human's life. They have a book called a Death Note and when they write your name in it, it's a wrap G. Now Ryuk was bored as shit so what does this nut do. Drop his muffa fuggin book on earth, in Japan, just because. And guess who pick it up? Yup loner dude named Light. What happens when you pick up the Death Note. One you can now see them ugly ass Shinigamis, but more importantly you can start writing names in that bitch and start killing folks. You know loner and kill go together like glaze and donuts. 

4. Attack on Titan

Bro. What more can I say? Big ass, 100 foot tall, ugly, naked dudes and dudettes tearing up the city and little ass adolescents flying around on ropes and shit to fight them. But yo, of course there's a catch. The lil homie Eren Yeager gets swallowed by one of the big uglies, called a Titan, during his first mission. Died he die? Hells Nah. This little guy turns into a frickin Titan and starts beating up the other Titans! Crazy right? But you know how humans are. They like oh snap we gotta use dude as our weapon and shit so we can run things. But I wont say no more! Go watch that shiznit.

5. Death Parade

As you can tell so far, I like some complex shxt and this right here is no different. Basically when two people die at the same time (like you and yo home boy riding in the dodge magnum and you get pull over, but when you reach for your wallet, po po light ya'll up), they go up this elevator to this bar. The dude at the bar seem cool but don't trust that due. Basically the bartender makes you play some crazy ass games with the other person to decide if you should be reincarnated or your soul gets tossed in the blackness forever. Show is Insane bro.

6. Assassination Classroom

Another weird ass show. Long story short this big headed, yellow, happy face dude is on one and he wants to destroy the earth. Dude bipolar ass a Mujja Fxcka, but most days he cool as long as he aint on his man period. Anyways dude took a big ass bite out the moon just because, so now the moon look like the joint the Dreamwork's kid be fishing on before Shrek movies. Dude is like, "I'm about to straight KO earth but I'll give ya'll a year to learn how to beat me." The zinger? Big head yellow dude, Koro Sensei, is gonna teach them how to do it. The catch? He's only gonna teach some middle school kids in the homeroom class for rejects. The Japanese government will pay $100,000,000 in Dr. Evil American money to which ever kid can kill ole emoji head. Can they do it? Go watch it son!

7. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

This will be short. If you have seen this at least once on Adult Swim or somewhere, why are you this deep in the list! Nah just kidding! Look it's real simple. Robot with human bodies shooting up sh!t! Just a warning though. This show can get a bit political. They talk alot about stuff like world wars and pharmaceutical companies suppressing cures for diseases so they can profit off the medications and treatments of the diseases. I love that conspiracy type stuff!!!

8. Cowboy Bebop

This is most people’s gateway drug to anime. This is where you pop your cherry. This is the weed and alcohol to your crack addiction. This is the first donut to obesity. This is the Tupac to your hip hop collection. Ok I think ya'll get the point. This is the show that starts off as your favorite anime and slowly gets bumped down the list til you feel guilty for not having it in your top ten. What's it about? Basically humans done f&ck@d up the earth so every is living on other planets and moons and stuff. Five-O can't control all the crime so they contract out to bounty hunters, to go catch criminals. Bebop runs a ship with a lil crew of hunters (not the bloods from LA), and the show is just about their journey chasing folks. Never watched anime before? START HERE!

9. Bleach

Bleach is basically about another Japanese kid with wayyyyy too much time on his hands! Basic this Soul Reaper (person who helps get souls to the afterlife safely) gets hurt fighting a hollow (ugly ass ghost that eats souls). Soul reapers have to kill hollows and purify them. Anyways when soul reaper chick Rukia gets hurt, she tags in Bleach as her substitute and gives him her sword. He's in the game slashing up hollows now! If you wanna see a skinny dude chopping monsters with a katana, this is your show.

10. Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Had to squeeze this in. I won't do an honorable mentions because it will just piss of Anime nerds even more lol. This show is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson (my favorite actor) and Lucy Lui fine ass. What more do you need? The art was done by the same dude who did the Blade Trinity comic. So this show is about a dude name Afro. Afro's dad was the number one fighter in the world. He has the number one headband. Everyone wants the number one headband. Problem is only the person with the number two headband can fight the number one. That means number two's life sucks as usual. Anyways some dude merks Afro's dad and take the head band so Afro is pissed off. Now sit back and imagine a dude with Samuel L. Jackson's voice, doing karate and killing the shiznit outta dudes! Bad ass right? So after putting in a gang a work in the streets Afro finally earns the number two headband and now he's ready to beat the crap out of his pop's killer.

Well that's my list people! than you for reading! Peace Out!


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