Dream League Soccer 2016 by First Touch Sports Review

Dream League Soccer 2016 by First Touch Sports Review!

Lost Thoughts in the building!!! Glllllllyahhhhhhhh! Panda Panda Panda Panda! Nah. The only Panda I fux with is Express. Sweet Fire!!!!! Yahhhh! Sorry guys for that, but let's get into it! 

So as you know, I'm world famous in nobody's hood. But if I was they'd be like "yo Lost, which Android b-ball game do you recommend?" Welp most of um are trash but hey try these I guess: Basketball Stars, NBA Live Mobile, Stickman Basketball, this ignant shxt BIG WIN Basketball, or this NBA JAM. But on the real, I deleted all that mess from my phone. 

Now I'm probably about to loose my hood credibility with y'all but I'm about to shoot straight to OG in the rest of the world for this one! "Get to the DAMN point Lost!" Point is my favorite sports games on Android are Soccer/FĂștbol games. I don't know why I like them so much, but I do. I can't even watch that mess on TV more than 2 minutes but I'm Messi with them hands bro!

I been playing Dream League for years bro but this one right here though! This joint is the best ever like Money Mayweather! I be using a 4-2-3-1 formation and my team Captain is a CF so you know he be killin' it! He's a straight beast. All my other bastards be missing shots right in front of the net but this dude have like 2-3 goals a game. I got this AM that's nice with the feet too. My RM is fast as shxt so you know we stay with the ball since most of the game is on the right side. I don't really know how good my backfield is or my goalie because don't nobody ever get that deep lol.

When I watch soccer on TV I never know WTF is going down but on games, Expert Level 1000. To score, all I do is drive left and when the goalie moves I shoot right. Zip, Zam, Zoom. That's it! Nah I got a few other little tricks but I ain't telling you all that!

Anyways I'm about to go take a dump so I could get a game in real quick. I hope I helped somebody. Hope y'all enjoyed this nonsense!


P.S. I suck balls when I play online!!!


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