Lost Thoughts Top 5 Favorite Android Games Right Now!


Here is a quick list of android games I fucks with!

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1. Bloody Hands Mafia Families - So this game is dope if you're strong as shit, but if you're weak you'll probably quit in 30 minutes. You gotta spend that bread in this game so be careful. The developers don't give a fuck how you feel they really just want your money but I still like this shit. Why? I met a gang of cool people around the world playing it. We mostly chat through the line app and I'm on the best team so it's cool never to loose lol. Anyways find me on there, BIG MEECH.

Cover art2. Bloody Roads California - Same piece of shit developers as above, Nah I'm joking they cool! I start playing this after Bloody Hands but this is an older more developed game. Honestly the biggest tip I can give is PLAY THIS FIRST! Learn and practice here before you go play Bloody Hands. Play it slow. upgrade your club house, gym, and fence first. Make sure you upgrade your bank and cops too. Only upgrade troops when your absolutely need too. Same shit goes in Bloody Hand! but yeah enjoy bro. BIG MEECH JR. on Bloody Roads.

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3. Standoff : Multiplayer - STOP EVERYTHING YOU DOING AND DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW! this list ain't in no type of order but right now y'all this right here is my shit! It's stupid flawed and glitchy but IDGAF! When this bitch works, this game is off the chain!. Sorry bros and perrrty ladies but this shit ain't on apple (fuck apple by the way! WOOT!). My only tip, after the battle ends, watch the video, then collect your reward. Then exit the game and start over. On my s5 and s7 i got the that lil page button on the left bottom and pull up all the pages then X out that bitch! Then i restart the game and get shootin. Why? Because after your game shuts off, in the middle of a 10 kill street, you will understand. DEVELOPERS PLEASE FIX THAT SHIT! Outside of that, if you like Halo or COD this game is that shit! And I suck at those on Xbox but I'm a Standoff Beast!

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4. Crime City - Well I used to play but too many cheaters and this shit got boring. On the real, Fuck crime city. Why da fuq do I even got this shit on my phone still bro? I was ballin in this game! I had Billions of dollars then suddenly some prick 100 levels above me starts hitting me hourly stealing all my money! How does this asshat even find me? After a while I just sold all my building and stopped playing! I used to love this game. Oh well...

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5. Deckstorm - I liked this game for a week. This game is on my nerd shit but it's still new. I'm already bored but i still got in on my phone just in case. They got guilds which are just teams you can be on but as of right now, that shit serves no purpose. All you can do is chat. You don't really fight other guilds but whatever. Right now all you do is go through the different quest and shit to get stronger. You can also battler other peoples decks which is either too easy or some little prick went buck wild with dad's credit card. Credit card gangster applies to every game above excluding Standoff. I might check in soon but if they don't step it up. I'm finna delete this shit if they don't step it up!

Some other joints I like: 

Homeless? - Just eat trash, sleep, and do illegal gangsta shit to make money! Remember to put that money in the bank before po po take it.

Cartel Mogul - Just another clicker joint about drugs.

Drag Racing - Off the chain! No idea why I stopped playing...

Super Basket Manager 16 - Dope lil game. I fucks with this developer's work.

College Football Coach - This game us super sneaky off the chain. I used to get in trouble at work stuck on this joint!

Pokemon Go! - Bruh! Yeah right! fuck that shit! I just put it here for clicks!

More top Android game reviews, tips, hints, cheats, codes, blogs, forums, coming soon!

Thanks for reading hoes!

- Lost Thoughts 909

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