Black and Brown EP Review

Earlier this year, Detroit rapper Danny Brown released his critically acclaimed project “XXX”. When I first heard Danny on the song Greatest Rapper Ever from his previous project “The Hybrid”, my first thought was that he was attempting his best ODB impression. As I delved deeper into his catalogue I found him to be a much more interesting and complex rapper than I was accustomed to seeing in 2011. Sure guys like Charles Hamilton and Tyler the Creator don’t fit the mold of your typical blog rapper but Danny’s love for skinny jeans, asymmetrical hair cuts, and his “distinctive” voice separate him from the rest of the pack. So when Danny announced he was working on a collaborative EP with fellow Detroit native rapper and producer Black Milk the results were bound to be interesting.
Black and Brown began as collaboration on Black Milk’s solo album Album of the Year, which was released earlier this year. The song “Black and Brown” which sparked the collaborative effort is featured on “Album of the Year” and as the closing track of this EP. Clocking in at 22 minutes and 10 tracks, this project is extremely brief seemingly over as soon as it starts to pick up momentum but because of its brevity there are no filler tracks. However Danny seems less interested in showing off his storytelling skills as he was on “XXX” earlier this year preferring to flex his lyrical abilities on songs like “Loosie” with lines like “I come hard like semen-made cement/leaving feces trails on drum kits cuz I’m the shit” and “morphine metaphors make you do the shoulder lean”. Elsewhere, on “Jordan VII” he reiterates his love for cunnilingus, which he has displayed on earlier songs like “I Will” where he says “this bitch told me I need my teeth fixed/ I said nah hoe that’s perfect for licking clits.”
Black Milk’s production is the true star of the project, as he seems to be channeling his inner Madlib, which compliments Danny well. He tends to His signature live drum loops are present as well, knocking so hard on some songs that they seem to be layered twice; check “LOL” for example. Because this is a collaborative effort there are a few Black Milk instrumentals well placed throughout the project but they actually help to compliment the EP rather than detract from them. All in all this is a solid project, which is hopefully just a prelude for possibly a full length LP between the two in the near future.
Overall there are no real complaints to be made here other than its short length. 4 out of 5.

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