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Andy Mackk - Child of the Light

Meet Andy Mackk. Humble, Intelligent, God-Fearing, Lyrical. How often to do you see those qualities in the music of California's new era of emcees?  I admit i was shocked and impressed, by the passion, in his music, the deepness in his bars, and his ability to make faith based hip-hop that is still, entertaining. I felt that more people in the Inland Empire and beyond should get to know Andy Mackk, before it's too late, so here is a short interview:

Lost Thoughts: So tell me, who is Andy Mackk and what made you decide to make music?

Andy Mackk: I’m Andy Mackk, a young man from the South-Bay. Torrance, California to be exact. I’m a young man who is artistic. I make music to express myself. I make music to inspire people, educate people, entertain people, and praise/worship the Lord.

Lost Thoughts: What is your best song to date and why?

Andy Mackk: Man, that’s a hard one. I’ll say my best song to date is, “Children of the Light” because it’s very positive. It contains a lot of knowledge. People who know the word of God know that I’m spitting that Gospel. And people who don’t know the word still enjoy it. I wrote that song for my trip to Japan. I’m apart of this Creative Arts Missions Team and I needed an original song to perform. That song was inspired off of the things I learned from my pastor and Lupe Fiasco’s “I’m Beamin”.

Lost Thoughts: Who inspires you lyrically, personally and historically?

Andy Mackk: I’m inspired by my family, my friends, and my church family. I’m inspired by all kind of different things. The Bible, Movies, TV, Jesus, Magazines, Newspapers, different artists - the list can go on. All these things inspire me to write lyrics.

Lost Thoughts: Tell me more about your relationship with Christ and your opinions on the lack of God Fearing individuals in the world?

Andy Mackk: My relationship with Christ is growing everyday. I’m at a church where I’m really learning and applying what I learn to my life. At the same time, I’m not perfect. As humans we may stumble but its important to get back up and keep going. My opinion on the lack of God Fearing individuals in the world…I just want to help those people and get a message out to them. And that would be that God is real, his word is real, his promises are real.

Lost Thoughts: And finally, what are your goals and aspirations for your career in hip hop?

Andy Mackk: My goal is to offer another alternative for people. My goal is to get a message out there to the people. My goal is to let kids know they don't have to smoke drink, and have sex to be cool. They don't have to be like what's portayed on TV, Movies, and in Music. There are a lot of artist who have the ears of the people and don't say anything that's important. I just want to help people.

What more can I say?
By Lost Thoughts

Download "Andy Mackk-The Dumb Down Era" Here

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